Winnipeg Dermatologist

A Winnipeg Dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in skin conditions. He/she is licensed to prescribed medication, whether of topical or oral variety to alleviate symptoms and treat skin disorders.

Medical Conditions Treated by Winnipeg Dermatologists

Dermatologists diagnose as well as treat a number of different disorders, not just of the skin but also nails and hair. Among the conditions they treat include (but are not limited to) the following:
Acne/Pimples/Cysts- This condition is among the most prevalent skin disorder, as it affects adolescents as well as adults. Acne usually appears on the face, but can also be found on the back as well as lower extremities.
Eczema- Also known as dermatitis, this is characterized by itchy skin and red blotches. It can appear in any part of the body, such as the face, arms, legs, and even the back. It is a recurring condition that needs to be managed carefully in order to control its flair up.
Hives- This skin condition is mainly a reactive result to allergies such as food sensitivity. Hives can appear on certain parts of the body or everywhere all at once, depending on the severity of the allergic reaction.
Psoriasis- This problem affects millions of adults worldwide, and is a major skin condition that has a wide range of symptoms including extreme dryness, scaly epidermis, itching, redness, and scabbing. It can affect all parts of the body, including the palms as well as the soles of your feet.
Melanoma- Also known as skin cancer, this disease is perhaps the most serious skin condition, as it can cause death if not diagnosed early on. Melanoma can be hard to detect, especially in its early stage so dermatologists often advice people to inspect their body in search for strange looking moles and other unexplained dark blemishes. If diagnosed early, melanoma has about 95% (or higher) survival rate.
Wrinkles/Lines/Crows Feet- These are primarily conditions that are associated with ageing. As people grow older, their skin loses elasticity and start forming fine likes which eventually become wrinkles. Dermatologists provide early preventive treatments for wrinkles, such as collagen boosters in order to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity for as long as possible.
Impetigo- This is often caused by Staph bacteria, although rare cases are caused by Strep (Streptococcus). It is very common in children, especially those ranging from two to six years old. Symptoms usually start with a red blotch that looks like a pimple or insect bite, but rapidly progresses to large rashes that are very itchy. This often affects the face as well as legs.

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Different Types of Dermatological Specialties in Winnipeg

Medical Dermatology- This specialty mostly covers the diagnoses and treatment of the most common skin diseases that affect a wide range of patients.
Surgical Dermatology- Cutaneous Surgery and Oncology deals with serious skin conditions such as Melanoma or skin cancer. This specialty involves surgical procedures in order to remove cancerous parts of the skin.
Pediatric Dermatology- Children’s skin conditions require a special kind of professional touch from Dermatologists. This specialty deals with treating skin conditions that mostly affect kids, i.e. hives. Impetigo, etc.
Cosmetic Dermatology- This deals mainly with skin concerns that have to do with age or cosmetic enhancements. Most cosmetic dermatologists work with plastic surgeons as their work overlaps in certain areas.

Other specialties in dermatology includes Dermatoimmunology, Dermatopathology, and Photomedicine.

Are There Risks or Complications that May Arise from Visiting a Dermatologist?
Unless the dermatologist is not observing basic clinical hygenic practices, i,e. hand washing, use of gloves during patient examination, there is virtually no danger of contracting infections or developing complications. However, it should be noted that certain procedures, i.e. surgery, there may be a possibility of certain complications especially when general anaesthesia is administered. It is important to become informed of the risks when undergoing any and all procedures regardless if they are considered “routine”.

Cost of Visit to a Dermatologist Winnipeg no Referral

How much money a patient spends on each visit to the Dermatologist depends largely on the purpose of the consult. Routine check ups are quite affordable, and often covered by insurance. However, certain procedures may cost a bit more money, especially if it involves prescription medication.
Some products or medications prescribed by dermatologists cost a significant amount of money. Anti-aging products, for instance, tend to be quite expensive. The same applies to medication to treat serious conditions such as melanoma.