Battle Gear Game Online

Run 3 Unblocked is an easy to play, military themed real time strategy game. Players must destroy the enemy base, or eliminate all of the enemy troops, in order to win. It sounds simple, but players have to build and train the best army they can have, upgrade their equipment and make sure they’re in the most advantageous formation while attacking. As if that weren’t enough, players also need to protect their own base to be sure the enemy doesn’t get them first.

Gameplay and Controls Of Vex 3 Game

The Impossible Quiz has some relatively simple controls that even players who aren’t familiar with real time strategy games will be able to pick up quickly. For directions, players use the arrow keys to scroll, or they press the mouse against the edge of the map until it’s reached the area they want to get to. Units are purchased by clicking the icon on the bottom of the screen and selecting the number the player wants. Units that have already shown up may be highlighted, and then trained to improve their effectiveness by clicking the icon. Existing units may be sold by clicking the icon attached to the unit and selecting the number to sell.

Run 3 Game

To make units attack, players click and drag a box around them with the mouse. Once selected units can be moved by simply left clicking an area. Clicking an enemy will make the units attack that enemy. On the Help screen players can select their units formation, and decide whether they’re aggressive or defensive. Whichever setup a player chooses, it can be changed at any time.

Tips and Tricks

Duck Life 4 is a game of strategy more than overwhelming power, and the victor is not always the one who strikes quickest. However, it is important to realize that certain strategies may have certain values over others.

As a quick for instance, the smash-and-grab strategy can be a quick game changer. In this strategy Cubefield players get the biggest, most powerful units as quickly as possible, and send them to destroy the enemy’s base before he can build up an adequate defense. While not a bad strategy, it leaves the player’s base undefended. Players can also fortify their own base first, and then built an assault force to go after the enemy, but it’s important to remember that the longer a player takes to build up his resources, the more time the enemy has to do the same. Smart players will keep an eye on what the foe is doing while keeping an eye to their own defenses.

Fun, Fast and Free

For players that want to kill some time with Battle Gear, all they have to do is come to our website and play. We don’t have membership fee or subscription costs like a number of websites out there, and we offer a smooth, fast and clean website where players can just come and have fun. All we ask is that our players bring their friends to share in all the Return Man 3 games.